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Robert West

Robert West

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05/12/09 11:26 AM #1    

Cecilia Cawley (Cawley-Redman)

Dear Robert,

I am trying to summon you in my minds eye. Your memory eludes me at the moment. CRS syndrome (Can't Remember Sh_t as my Mom used to say) wreaks havoc with my memory, especially without my year books to trigger them. But I must that l say - I hope you were surrounded by love and greeted enthusiastically by St. Peter. Rest in Peace.

With love, Cecilia

03/31/10 11:24 PM #2    

Tony Lucero

.Hello to all you 68'monsters of joy! Bob and I were two friends that went through high school,worked at Northgate Drug,rode motorcycles for 15+ years and loved one another as true brothers. Now comes the story that is most important for you all to know. Robert Alan West came to us on Devon Dr. to live with his uncle due to rough times in La La Land, Ca. with his DETECTIVE father. Bob was a wild and very witty guy and not bad with the ladies which of course I could associate with. Bob was also finding a great fondness for two wheel vehicles known as choppers and the life style that came with it. The Hells Angeles named him CAVEMAN which he found to be quite befitting I guess. So the story continues. After getting married Bob and Marsha had a boy named him Kenny who is now a Washington State Trooper. Made Bob very proud to have his son do what he would have most likely chosen to be his number one career choice but he took the flip side as it came easier to acquire and more fun. Leap forward some fifteen years of Bob and I enjoying the same riding time but one big difference I was still married having my Marisa and in the corporate world. Bob went off to Arizona married a very nice hispanic lady named Mary which he treated in the most unorthodox Bob West manor, he not only loved her she got him into the Lord and changed him into a softer more humble man. Now I am about to cry as I share this part of the story. I recieved letters and pic's from Bob in 1998. He had just bought a new Sportster and was as high as a kite. All is fine on the outside but without his knowledge Bob had terminal lung cancer due to tobacco use. I flew out to see my buddy right after 9/11 and fullfilled one of his lifelong wishes, to shoot some weapons as he was to visit with his trooper son ASAP. I must say I could write a short story about me walking into Oakland Airport with Two Long rifles, 9mm handgun and several hundred rounds of ammo. Bob was elated! Two days later we went out into the desert and I saw our friend turn into a little boy. I spent nine wonderful days with him and wished him well as he was about to embark on a journey that only a tougher than nails guy could ever do. Yes he rode his new bike to Marin with an oxygen tank on the side of that Harley sucking his last breath as he rode on to Washington state. Round trip was some 1700 miles if I recall him saying. Yes he completed many of those wishes but that same year just two months or so later Bob pasted on Memorial Day afternoon. I'll never be able to tell all the stories as there are too many. In closing I ask that we all remember Bob with a warm heart as he grew to be one hell of a man, friend, father and Caveman. To you my buddy I send my love and will see you in Gods heaven. Tony Lucero

07/06/13 09:06 PM #3    

Louise Jacobs (DeValk)

Thank you Tony for your memories and stories, some untold that will always be your memories and untold.  I too have  wonderful memories of Bob from my "Biker" days and he could ride like the wind.  I miss this funny little guy who was a very caring and loving individual.  Individual, is who he was.  So Bob, until we meet again, maybe in the next life, please watch out for your friends and those who loved you.   We all definitely could use your help.  Love and Rest in Peace my friend.angel

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