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Paula Murphy (Sallady)

Betsy Noga called to tell me that our dear friend, Paula Murphy Sallady, passed away suddenly on November 3, 2022 at home in Fort Bragg, California. Paula and her husband, Russel Sallady, our high school classmate as well, built their home in Fort Bragg where they raised their son, Joe, and Paula enjoyed a long and rewarding career as a nurse in the local community. Sadly, Paula lost Russ, as she called him, to cancer in 2013. 

Betsy and I met Paula in 4th grade when she moved into our  Nortbridge neighborhood and our class at Gallinas School in Santa Venetia. Campfire Girls, Camp Kilowana, countless slumber, swim and birthday parties and a class trip in 5th grade to the San Francisco opera to see Rigoletto. I last saw Betsy and Paula at the 40th reunion as they sat with Russ and Danny Machado (our childhood friend  since  we were 6 and 7 years old at Santa Venetia School.) and we reminisced about our charmed childhood. Rest in peace my old friend. Blair

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02/10/23 08:30 PM #1    

Blair Wardlaw (Hunt)

1960 Campfire Girls; Left to Right. Sharon Aldrich, Betsy Noga, Blair Wardlaw,  Terry Hoff, Janice Moore, Holly Harton, Jan Hamiliton, Paula Murphy and Jackie Smith. Picture taken by Paula's mom on the canal in back of Paula's house in Northbridge. 

02/12/23 12:16 AM #2    

John Collett

Hello Blair et al....fondest of memories of these ladies...I started Las Gallinas same time as everyone else and looking at this photo really brought back memories...I knew every ladies name by the face...NO problem...Bet I asked to carry each and everyone's books home for them...Jan Hamilton let me...Betsy Noga wouldn't give the the time of day....same with Holly but loved em all anyway!!!...When did Dee join up??? to all, John Collett.  And Paula dearest, we got along real well...been missin ya all these years.

02/12/23 01:40 AM #3    

Blair Wardlaw (Hunt)

Hi John!

So  great to hear from you. Dee joined our class in 5th grade. I thought you came in 6th grade. Mr. McPhail's class. We all had a crush on you as you were the new boy in class. You really gave Jimmy Walker and Bill Saleme some competition! How old is that daughter of your's now? 


02/13/23 12:06 AM #4    

Susannah Griffin (Perri)

I remember Paula as sweet, pretty and always very friendly to me. We did not hang out together, but had a couple of classes together at TL. She and Rusty were a wonderful couple and I know it was a tremendous loss for her when he passed. Rest in peace dear Paula.

02/13/23 08:23 AM #5    

Eileen Masterson (Ternullo)

I remember wearing those campfire outfits to school, when did I join? I think the skirt was blue? I liked the outfit. I remember not liking the green or brown outfits, and I stopped going. I remember a summer camp in a old TB ward in Marin, it was spooky! I remember my best friend, Susie Meinser, had just left our neighborhood, to move to Tahoe, and I was sad and  really missing her. Most of the kids on my street went to the local catholic school , except me, ( we weren't  catholic) that made it harder to make friends .I think that's why my mother signed me up for Campfire girls. My mother was more social than me, I liked drawing and sewing, funny what we remember. Thanks for posting the pic! 
I remember Paula as being very sweet. 
I remember sleeping over at Holly's house, I think it was my first sleepover, I was homesick all night. Terry was the ever smiling athlete. Betsy was very noble, as I remember. Blair the friendly girl to all.



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