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Robert Ullner

Robert Ullner

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01/16/09 12:38 AM #1    

Blair Wardlaw (Hunt)

I met Bob in 7th grade at Santa Venetia School. We were friends from the start and stayed friends throughout high school. Neither of us had a date to the Senior Ball so we decided to go with each other. We double dated with Bob Flautt and my friend from Marin Catholic, Kathy O'Mara. (Bob needed a date too so I fixed him up) There is a picture of Bob and me, Carey Brink and Greg Mc Cormick and Stephanie Schau and Rick Edwards sitting in the backyard at Bill Saleme's party after the dance. It's a classic high school picture. I am going to try and scan it and put it on this site. As far as I can remember, I never saw Bob again after high school.   I always wanted to know what happened to him.Can anybody tell me?

02/23/09 04:31 AM #2    

Janice Huntoon (Brown)

I have been shocked to learn that Bob is deceased. I had not heard before this.
He was my first boyfriend at TLHS. He was fun, cute and smart. I looked forward to seeing him everyday and felt special to be his girlfriend. I thought he was a very cool guy. Does anyone know the cause of death or if he had a family? I hope everyone remembers how full of life he was and such a happy person.

03/12/09 11:17 PM #3    

Jack Delman

I too would like to have more details about Bob's passing.

What an interesting and brilliant guy he was. He needed love and he needed family and he hung out at my house often adopting my parents as if they were his. People often wondered how we were so different and such good friends. Those people who wondered that didn't really know Bob. He and I travelled together a couple of times on family vacations and once the two of us hitched to Pasadena with sleeping bags so we could get front row spots at the Rose Bowl Parade and be on TV when the cameras panned the street. ( We were successful). Bob always lived on the edge...but that was part of what made him so very special.

05/29/09 05:06 PM #4    

Dave Ganapoler

The last time I saw Bob, he was with Eric Swanson at Eric's Mom's house in Novato. He was battling pancreatic cancer at the time and he didn't look well. He still had that great smile and brilliant mind. We had a great day together reminsing and hanging out. Good memories. I had seen Eric since then but he never said anything about Bob's health. He was much closer to Bob than I.

09/05/13 09:32 PM #5    

Blair Wardlaw (Hunt)

It was just a rumor that Bob died because nobody seemed to know what happened to him. Dave Ganapoler's remarks on this site provided a clue that he was suffering from terrible cancer. I had in the back of my mind that Bob's biological surname was not Ullner so I went searching for his mother's maiden name and bingo, found Robert William Tremblay born 16 April 1950 in El Paso, Texas and died 02 March 2002. RIP, my good friend.

09/06/13 12:12 AM #6    

Melinda Hollomon (Nichols)

I did not know Bob well- however I always noticed him and thought of him as very street wise for our age.


Thank you Blair, our Historian, for having the means & ways to put closure to another important person and special person on our journey of memories of TLHS. Friends-please share all your memories of those who have passed.


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