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Bruce Caveney

Bruce Caveney

Unfortunately, Bruce's obituary is only posted on which is a subscription website. He passed away in Sonoma on April 27, 1992. According to his obituary, he was a buliding contractor, specializing in foundations.  Bruce left behind a wife, Kathy McKenna,  and 2 grown sons.

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01/06/09 01:03 AM #1    

Blair Wardlaw (Hunt)

I met Bruce in 7th grade at Santa Venetia Junior High School. Mrs. Scott's English class, Mrs. Noble's math class, Mr. Goodwin's social studies, Mr. Benson's science - he was in all my classes. I loved his fuzzy blond hair. I had a huge crush on him and remember kissing him at Lynnn Bridges' birthday party when we played spin the bottle. I think it was my first kiss. I don't think we ever talked again after junior high but he lives on in my childhood memory.

02/05/09 08:44 PM #2    

Val Valsecchi (Leonard)

I am reeling !! Bruce was everybodies buddy. I was closet to him during Junior High. What a great guy, so funny. I'm so sorry Bruce.

04/25/09 12:37 AM #3    

Mark Buckley

I miss Bruce. I'll always remember eating grapefruit with lots of sugar at his house. We went through a lot of them.
I know that his family has had a lot of pain. I had a good visit with his sister many years ago right before she died. May the Lord give the Caveney family some special comfort.

11/16/17 05:36 PM #4    

Blair Wardlaw (Hunt)

This is a picture of Bruce from the 1967 TLHS yearbook. He did not have a senior portrait done. RIP Bruce.

02/24/23 01:28 PM #5    

Gregory McCormick

Bruce was part of the Drakes Cove crew. Richard Pensebene, Dave Stapp, Bill Salame and a mob of Caveneys. Bill Cuneo was around the corner and I lived a couple blocks up the street (Golden Hinde). 
great fun when we first met (we were 10). We shared an IJ paper route (mini-bike with a string for a throttle!) and later a Chronical/Examiner route with Bruce's older brother. Delivered from the tailgate of the family Chevy station wagon (Sunday papers with inserts we're a bit...h) It was great being a kid then and Bruce was a great part of it.  I lost track of Bruce after high school, but I'll always have the memories of Bruce and all the crazy things we did together.  He was a good one.




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